This magnificent venue is known as “Gippsland’s Hidden Treasure”

The Magnificent Kilmany Park Mansion at Night
The Magnificent Kilmany Park Mansion at Night

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Kilmany Park Estate is located in Country Victoria and offers the Greater Gippsland Region an incredible opportunity to exclusively hire and then experience what a magnificent, unique and truly versatile Entertainment and Event Venue of it’s kind has to offer. 

Kilmany Park Reflections
Kilmany Park Reflections

Our amazing venue has played host to so many of the Region’s most successful and memorable: weddings, parties, corporate events, private receptions, private luncheons, BBQs, wakes and the list goes on and on…  Kilmany Park Estate is suitable for, and has the versatility to host just about ANY event imaginable!

Kilmany Park has the versatility to host ANY occasion imaginable!
Kilmany Park has the versatility to host ANY occasion imaginable!

Our staff will always be around to assist you throughout your Event’s entire  process. Our role and our level of involvement varies dramatically from event to event, but we strongly believe that your Event’s success very much drives our continued future success. So, we definitely have a vested interest in assisting each and every Client wherever we can and help ensure that ALL functions, no matter how large or small, runs smoothly.

Outside Wedding
Wedding Outside The Kilmany Park Mansion

“We strive to make sure that both you and your special guests are all treated to a most successful, happy and memorable experience, at a most magnificent and unique Historic Country Estate of its kind in all of Victoria!”

Watch this short video below featuring Kilmany Park on Channel 9’s Postcards Program

The Kilmany Park Mansion, together with the Estate’s beautifully kept gardens provides a most luxurious setting for just about any type of entertaining.

Mansion & Grounds
Mansion & Grounds

It’s a setting many have described as similar to the one portrayed in the infamous “Great Gatsby” movies and as originally depicted in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s famous 1925 novel: “The Great Gatsby”. And for those who know the J. Gatsby story, let’s be honest, everyone who was lucky enough to be invited to one of his parties absolutely fell in love with the opulent mansion setting that his Estate provided everyone….. Kilmany Park Estate can provide a similar grandeur and ambiance and we’re sure that you too will fall in love with our Estate. 

Kilmany Park is not just for Weddings & Parties It has even been used as the backdrop for Theatre Productions!
Kilmany Park is not just a Wedding & Party Venue. It’s even been used as the backdrop and stage for Theatrical Performances!

“The Kilmany Park Mansion especially, provides you access to a perfect backdrop and atmosphere to entertain and treat your special Guests to an entirely new and unforgettable entertainment experience.” 

Each and every Wedding, Party and Function that’s held at Kilmany Park has been a completely different affair from any other one previously. No two functions are ever the same and that’s how we think it should be!  

“Every single event held at Kilmany Park Estate is a UNIQUELY memorable one”. 

We believe the importance we place on each individual event being special and unique is partly the reason why our Weddings and Functions are so fondly remembered and spoken about, long after each occasion has finished. 

“Kilmany Park offers each and every Customer a very special and rare opportunity to host their event and to enjoy all of the amenities available at our Federation Mansion & Surrounding Estate Grounds & in our formal Reception Hall known as “The Pavilion”.

Inside The Pavilion
Inside The Pavilion

  “Our unparalleled service delivery, our venue’s versatility, and our very reasonable pricing options all help to ensure that each and every event we host at Kilmany Park Estate is a successful, enjoyable and a most memorable one” .

Please feel free to Call us on 03 51 442345 and make an appointment to come out and visit the Kilmany Park Estate and have a private walk around and view the Estate from the outside. Then arrange an appointment with one of our friendly Staff to talk about all of our Services in detail and for a guided tour of the Property.

We encourage our Clients to call us, obligation free and bounce any ideas and thoughts they have for an upcoming function with our staff. We are then happy to offer our suggestions as to how we think Kilmany Park can be of assistance, and of course what we are able to provide every Client, is a very versatile venue to host and deliver a truly unforgettable experience and a magical event.